Part of Greg Hancock’s ’The State Of My Hair’ album tour: three Devon singer-songwriters in one evening at Holbeton Village Hall.

Holbeton’s own Steve Jenner brings a wide range of influences from jazz, classical and pop/rock and writes melodic songs that catch revealing details of human experience both personal and general.

Katie Whitehouse is a major mover and shaker in the music scene in Devon and beyond – she is an artist manager, a choir leader, a composer and arranger and also a fine singer-songwriter in her own right. Her subtle and inventive songs are poetic and resonant and deeply moving.

Greg Hancock is a widely admired guitarist, singer and songwriter who takes an oblique look at the human condition in the modern world. He can switch from comedy to tragedy in a moment. Through stories and portraits he reveals the uniqueness of individual experience, but also the commonality of all life and emotion.

Three solo performers take the stage at the same time. They then take it in turns to introduce and perform their songs. Interaction between the performers can often be interesting, and comments from the audience are also welcomed which makes the concert more interactive.

Saturday 6th April Doors 7.30pm

TICKETS or call 07447745871