About Katie Whitehouse

Katie Whitehouse is a major mover and shaker in the music scene in the South West and beyond. She manages several top names on the circuit, is a choir leader, composer and arranger, and a singer songwriter in her own right too… Her songs are deeply felt and sincere, inspired by personal life experience but with a universality that draws everyone in.

“Katie is a true poet and story teller in song. Her songs vary in subject matter wonderfully – from astonishingly intimate glances into what seems like a deeply personal world to witty, jaunty observations about all kinds of people and situations. Each is a window on a world, told with a poetic, congruent skill that sounds as easy as falling off a log. It’s not.” Julian Marshall

“Katie Whitehouse understands songs, and she understands singing, and does both beautifully” Reg Meuross

“Lovely songs beautifully performed” Boo Hewerdine